A day trip to Paris

I spent a day in Paris recently with work. I don't often travel with work - so it was pretty novel.

That ecstatic 'Woo Paris!' feeling lasted all of an evening, because most of the day was heads downs in a workshop. I saw the inside of a little urban conference room/open work space. The content was fantastic though. We worked with Jeff Gothelf working to apply the lean process to an enterprise. 100% relevant to the problems we're facing at work at the moment. It was interactive, it had good food, we learnt lots...

But as always with work trips, the highlights weren't the work. I stopped to get macaroons from Pierre Hermé (because Paris = macaroons, obviously). A business analyst buddy and I made the most of the one evening we had and wandered down to the Lourve, as he'd never seen it before. We had dinner with wine and cheese (because Paris = wine + cheese) and oh. Oh Paris.

I love Paris in the summer, it was warm and the sun was shining and the streets were lined with green trees and the boulevards were wide and all the people spoke with that lovely French lilt.

I was only there a day, if that. Paris was oh so charming. I love that it's entirely possible to do a day trip to Paris. Very oh la!