The Eden Project

As the weather has gotten nicer we've been exploring more of England. The Eden Project has been on my list of things to visit since I got here but oh, Cornwall. Why are you always so far away?! 

Zee surprised me with a weekend away (<3) which I adored. He'd booked a lovely little bnb for the long weekend. Oh la! So, off we went. The traffic was horrific, but that's only to expected on a long weekend. We stopped at little roadside stalls along the road from Stonehenge and ate warm strawberries while we listened to Serial (goodness! I'm undecided whether he's guilty or not...)

The Eden Project was AMAZING! It was massive, and filled with so many beautiful things. I love that they've taken what was essentially a quarry and made it fabulous. Very very impressed. 

The highlights included:

- A 3 metre tall marble maze
- The gorgeous biomes, and climbing to the 'canopy' of the Rainforest Biome
- The incredibly mechanical nut cracker
- The toddler who picked a flower and handed it to me with a 'for the pretty lady' 
- The delicious warmth (and the ice cream we ate because it was warm. Woo!)

Definitely worth an adventure. I was super pleased to have gone!