Summer Picnics!

I'm a huge fan of celebrating. Zee and I had a few things going on that were worth a high five or two, so we organised a summer picnic with our nearest and dearest at our local park.

It was pretty excellent - there's something about having your favourite people all in one spot. Watching people from different circles meet and talk deep dive into all the things (seriously, we know some smart people and it was insane to watch as they mingled and went from 'how do you dos' into the intricacies of quantum physics). 

Because it was England in June it was blue skies for all of a 15 minute period when the skies turned grey and it was torrential. I'm one of those people that like to be comfortable, so we had cushions and rugs and bean bags and all sorts that got soaked (womp). Lucky for us it was blazing hot shortly after and everything dried out. 

There was guitar playing and a pretty serious game of petanque. We had a triangle boomarang and frisbee and then someone started up an impromptu soccer kick around. But mostly it was hanging out in the sun, enjoying the food and the drinks and all the catching up. 

Excellent day, well happy we did it. Hurrah for summers and picnics and high fives.