Riding in Oakham

We spent a delightful weekend in Oakham for a friends wedding. Its was beautiful: lovely venue, heartwarming ceremony, dancing and cake and a whole wall of sweets. There's something amazing about watching friends declare their love so openly, I love it.

After the wedding we had a spare day to explore Rutland. A group of us hired bikes and we rode around Rutland Water. It's a big lake, bigger than I expected. We rode two hours from the bike hire place to a little Italian restaurant for lunch and then back again. 

It was a good ride, a bit nippy with the wind but otherwise fine. I was a bit disappointed with the company we were in - perhaps it's just me, but I was always taught that in group situations you travel as fast as the slowest person and you stick together. Basic trail safety, right? From everything to hiking, riding along trails or snowboarding. 

Also sticking together keeps morale up - no one likes being that person being left behind. Sadly not everyone felt the same as me, and so we were split along the trail. Considering we didn't have phone signal, if anything had happened, it would have been a disaster. Ah well, lucky nothing did happen and those of us at the back were in a good spirits - lots of catching up and gossiping and laughter.

I enjoyed the ride too, Rutland Water is a pretty pretty place.