Portsmouth NH + Walking to Maine

We drove up to Portsmouth from Boston, which was actually pretty fun. We stopped by one of the massive liquor barns (because you can only buy your booze from the local government in super size, apparently). 

Overall Portsmouth is quite pretty, it feels like a very American little town. The wonderful wedding aside (seriously - they had a unity volcano) the best bit was walking to Maine from North Hampshire ("live free or die!") for lobster.

Now, turns out we were there in the offseason which became super apparent when all the little best-in-town lobster places were closed. Instead we hit up Warrens, where I discovered the ridiculousness that is the all-you-can-eat salad bar. I was unprepared. It turns people like lobster, but they go crazy for a good salad bar. 

Still, it was a good few days of gentle adventure, lots of eating and some epic company.