While Iceland was lovely, it was a stopover. We had friends getting married in Portsmouth, so we met up with another couple in the adventure crew and had one delightful day in Boston.

Oh, man did we pack it in! We followed the freedom trail for a bit, we went down to see Paul Revere (the guys who famously said the red coats were coming), and where Franklin was buried. We ate at Regina's (the original one, apparently the best pizza in Boston) and I had an epic stawberry shortcake from a little Italian bakery... it was amazing. 

We walked our way criss cross the city, laughing at all the Dunkin Donuts (seriously, it was ridiculous) and generally enjoying the warmth after Iceland. It was SUCH a fabulous day, I was sad we didn't have longer. 

It was actually pretty surprising too... both Zee and I are playing Fallout 4 at the moment, which is set in Boston. I was surprised to recognise some of the landmarks!