Exploring St Pauls

We had one day with Dad before he went back to Somerset, and Boxing Day was it. There isn't much open on Boxing Day, we were keen to show Dad some more of London as he's only been once before.

So we hit up St Pauls, what a good call! I hadn't been to visit St Pauls before, but the views from the dome were pretty spectacular. Not to mention the whispering gallery was amazing. We worked out that if you sat on the bench and put your ear to the wall and spoke, you could hear it clearly further around the room. This was all fun and games, where I moved further along the room away from Dad and Zee, till two tourists sat inbetween us. I heard Dad, clear as day, call them plonkers. I laughed so hard, realising that if I could hear them then the tourists between us could also hear him!

Afterwards we wandered down by the river. Walking past Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast and through Borough Market. We also stopped at all the pubs, enjoying a half pint at each before moving on. Such a good way to sample London! 

Showing Dad the city in which I live has been an absolute highlight. Love love love having him here!