A Festive Week at Wearne

We spent a pre-christmas week at Wearne and oh. What a week! It was a house filled with people and there were politics and laughing and so much eating. We settled into a routine pretty quickly, of spending the days out and adventuring and the evenings together in games. 

It was so curious to see how different people affect the dynamic, how a comment can be layered with meaning and how it's often just best to hold your tongue.

Still, there were some epic highlights - walking the dogs was amazing. The dinners and eating and spending time with Dad + Jane. It's so lovely to have Dad around, I've missed him! 

Morf and I went out to the Fleet Air Arm Museum - essentially collection of military and civilian aircraft, aero engines, models of aircraft and Royal Navy ships. Pretty impressive! 

On the way back we stopped by the Mulberry store, which I won't lie - I loved. So many pretty things! I ended up taking the green one home, woop! 

We also played skittles at the back of the pub which I enjoyed. Such a novel thing to do.