A few days in Riga, Latvia

Oh Riga. This was a work trip, and this trip hit me face first with it's complications and politics and work. I ran a workshop I wasn't expecting to run. It went well! Wonderfully well - I was introducing new ideas and a new method and everything was new and scary and different. It was a pretty insane day and a half, but I got loads of wonderful feedback. Nothing like being thrown in the deep end with 23 people you've never met who are integral to the product you're working on.

What I'm trying to say is that the three days I was in Riga - I saw the inside of the Elephant Hotel. There were two meals outside the hotel, and a walk.

And oh, Riga. You're lovely. Little cobblestone streets and dirt tracks that bypass run down mansions. Overgrown fields taking back estates, and then five minutes down the road shiny fashion boutiques in the city centre. Tables sprawled out in the summer evenings, with lights and a lovely man playing the accordion.

Best walk of the week, I have to say. There's nothing like taking an hour or two just to wander, and have a look see.

Love it. Thanks Riga, for the adventure.