The Quirks of London Streetcorners

I don't know about you, but I get a shiver of delight down my spine when I feel like I'm doing something sneaky, even if it's not. Drinking openly on the street is definitely a London quirk that I haven't seen anywhere else. Now that the weather is warmer people will grab a pint and go stand outside the pub on the street corners. You'll see them in large groups around the door to a pub - it's insane. In New Zealand you sit down to drink, unless you're dancing. In London, you stand on the street and enjoy the sun (when there is sun). I joined Bunny and a few friends last week to enjoy this glorious snap of almost-summer warmth we're having. It was glorious!

There was a mariachi band who came by, and we gave them all our change. They let me snap a quick few photos with them - but they were great! They had whole street corners dancing (and when was the last time you saw that? Strangers dancing on the street, in the sun to a three piece mariachi band?)

Oh London. I love you in the spring!