Have you ever seen a knights castle with a moat?

Bodiam Castle has a moat. It doesn't have a keep either, so it's towers are pretty imposing - they rise right up from the ground all big and mighty. It's a big impressive castle. Zee and I drove down to have a look-see during one bank holiday. It's ridiculously pretty, some of the nicest ruins we've seen so far. It was built in 1385 by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, a former knight of Edward III. It feels bizarre to have such history right here, able to be touched. By comparison, the Treaty of Waitangi - which was the founding document of New Zealand as we know it - was signed in 1840. This castle was built almost 500 years before that!

We climbed up the turrets, and stood in the great hall (truth: I thought for a great hall it would be bigger) and imagined the fancy kitchens, with their massive fireplaces. The well still stands (although it's populated right from the moat, where they used to empty their chamberpots... no wonder they drank ale).

All in all, it was pretty impressive day trip.