Posting Positively - Grace in Small Things

I read a small snippet recently, about how it's often easier to write about all the negative things, about how difficult a situation is. A complaint perhaps. Or a criticism. Apparently it's part of processing a situation. It plays on your mind, and comes out easily through your fingertips. I also read a little something somewhere about how the more you focus on something, the more practised your mindset becomes around that intention. Which is to say, if you practise writing about how difficult a situation is, your perspective is skewed towards difficult situations already. I'm trying to be a bit more intentional at the moment - looking for grace in small things. Be a little more positive, and less skewed towards how hard everything is. I've had hard time recently with insulin spiking, and I've been watching what I eat because of it. However today, today I'm appreciating not-good-for-insulin-spike things, specifically jam on toast.

I'm so grateful right now for jam on toast. (Grace in small things).

It's crunchy and filling and sweet as I eat it. The bread is dense and I can taste the butter. A bite goes for miles, the jam has a lovely sort of tang to it, and it's quite satisfying to eat. (I'm also trying to be a bit more in the moment and notice the things in the now).


PS Tim Ferriss had an interesting article on a thought experiment designed by Will Bowen. The idea is that you can train yourself out of complaining by being made aware every time you do. Pretty interesting!