One last beach trip

We had one day left, and were due to board a flight to Singapore that evening. Zee and I didn't even really have a conversation about it, it was a given that we were going to spend our last day in New Zealand at the beach. Sibling and Brando came down, and we all loaded up the car and headed out. I love that it's warm enough to hang out in a bikini. That the water is warm enough for swimming. That the beaches are a short 20 minutes away. It all just feels so easy.

I'm torn about leaving. I'm still finding my feet, and am discovering that actually, it's not the place I'm anchored to, but the people I'm leaving behind. Even worse than that, is that those relationships feel tenuous. I know it's common sense: relationships need regular care and contact to survive. It just seems so hard from the other side of the world. I feel like I've only just reconnected to everyone here, and I'm leaving again.

It feels bittersweet. Oh New Zealand. I'll miss you.