Kiwi Conservation

While we were in Queenstown, we hit up the little Kiwi Conservation place just by the base of the Skyline. And oh! It was actually pretty great - there was loads to see (definitely recommend the conservation show, if you're around at the right time) and it was pretty cool to have Zee point out loads of native birds and things after we visited.

Highlights definitely included the Kakariki (a little green parrot), the Kiwis (who were much bigger than I thought they'd be) and the little Auckland geckos. I didn't even *know* Auckland had it's own greek little gecko, so I was pretty impressed with that.

I love that it doesn't matter how long you've lived somewhere, there's always more to learn. There were also some great tips about how to help out the local native wildlife, and it was as simple as planting native plants, rather than imports. How easy is that?

I'll probably make that part of my gift list this year. It's an easy, thoughtful present anyway!