NZ - Climbing Rangitoto

On one of spare days in Auckland, Sibling, Zee and I caught the ferry across to Rangitoto. It's an island just off the coast and pretty much dominates the sea views out that way. It's landmark. It's pretty nice, it was given recreation reserve status in the late 1800's, and essentially is used for wildlife and people like us. It was a nice walk, maybe an hour to the summit. There are a few different tracks, so we walked around the crater and into some of the lava caves (top tip: The further you walk in, the lower the ceiling gets. It's pitch black, so be prepared to laugh when the tallest member of your party (in this case: Zee) hits their head. Fair warning!

The views from the summit were epic and it was just a nice day out.

Afterwards we went back to Siblings and met her dog Brando. Oh man, he's all fluff. And when he's not chilling out he's licking everything. EVERYTHING. It became impossible to stop him, so in the end I just let him lick me and washed his doggy grossness off after.