A Week in France

Oh France. I love the snow, snowboarding is my kick. Which is why it is almost inconceivable that I haven't been in two years - my love of snowboarding has definitely lost out to my love of travel and adventure.

So it was a delight to be able to introduce Zee to snowboarding (and proper snowboarding, too. He went once to an indoor park, and when I asked him how he stopped he said 'you find the wall at the bottom of the slope' ... Uh, no).

I was amping to get up on the slopes, so after a flight and a long transfer, checking in and out to the hire place to get gear (it was a loooong day!) we finally made it to the nursery slope. I walked Zee up and down (teaching heel and toe slides, the PROPER way to control your speed), and once he was going okay by himself, I strapped in and did my first turns in a long time.


I can't even describe it without being overly soppy. It felt like coming home... Like my body instinctively knew what it was doing, and it felt good! I felt all of the joy, bubbling up and taking over my face... I had a massive grin, and I cheered and everything in that moment was perfect. It was a moment of happiness that I remember quite vividly, mostly cause it surprised me.

Isn't it interesting how somehow so small can knock you over like that? Love it.

It was a great week, we stayed in a chalet with 10 others who ended up being lovely - people from all over England, of varying lifestyles and ages. The deal included breakfast and dinner (with wine!) so we saw each other an fair amount - we all got on splendidly, and we were riding/skiing together by the end of the week.

We even rode across to Italy for lunch one day, as our resort (La Rosiere) was on the border and had lifts down to the other side. How amazing is that? We snowboarded to ITALY for pizza and bombardinos (a funny little alcoholic drink, advocaat and brandy, served warm with wipped cream). Nothing like a freshly made Italian pizza!

It was an epic week, with gorgeous views and fun times. I was stoked with how far Zee came in a week (from not being able to control his speed to making turns on reds and blacks) and overall, was pretty glad to be back on the snow.

Loved it. Now that Zee also has the snow bug, I doubt we'll wait so long to go.