A time of inbetweens.

It feels odd to be here, it feels like I'm perpetually in between. I've finished my last contract, and went off to France (post coming soon!), and now I'm in this weird two weeks before I go out to New Zealand for a month. With no job, but all of the things to do. Part of it is organising all the things (Oh NZ, whyyyy are you so far away?) but I'm doing some fun design work: finaaaallly got the Tuesday Labs site up and running - high five! I'm also starting to work with Pixate, which is a pretty fun prototyping tool.

The surprising thing for me is that I'm not anywhere near as productive as I thought I would be. When I have a job I cram in all the things. Contract work, side hustles, an active social life. It's all top speed - lets go! But now? Now when I have all the time? I'm meandering. I feel like I'm window shopping all the things. A lunch with friends here, a walk by the river here. Some design work, trying out new recipes. It feels like I'm perpetually on the move, and yet it's all very slow. Like I'm taste-testing my way through my days.

It's quite bizarre. I think I'm okay with it, though. It's not often that you get the time to meander a little.

I'm trying to make a concentrated effort to just enjoy London (although London, with it's gloom and grey and rain clearly doesn't want to be enjoyed). So, here's the thing. The last time I was in an inbetween, I got all down which in part I think is because isolation sucks. This time I've made an effort to leave the apartment everyday and have a conversation with someone other than Zee. So far so good! I've enjoyed meeting people for lunches - lunches are the perfect amount of time for a catch up, don't you think? It's been taking me all over the city (from way east in Shoreditch, to way west in Richmond) and it's nice to visit these places in daylight and catch up with some familiar faces outside a bar or a restaurant.

So yes, the downtime is nice. The change of pace pretty surprising (I'm always surprised when I go from high level ALL THE THINGS and shift down into something more sedate), but generally? I just feel like I'm waiting till I'm on a flight to New Zealand. I'm counting down you guys! It's going to be brilliant.