#TravelTuesday - Snow Trips

In a few weeks Zee and I will be headed to France to enjoy their copious amounts of snow. Now, I'm an avid snow bunny. I LOVE snowboarding. I was introduced at university (it seems ridiculous that that was almost ten years ago now) and I loved it so much that I became a snowboard instructor and have since ridden snow all over the place. New Zealand, the States (VT + CO), Canada (Whistler I love you), Austria, France, Italy...

(Sauze D'oulx, Italy)

(Whakapapa, New Zealand)

(France, with Mont Blanc in the back)

(Mayrhofen, Austria)

(Whistler, Canada)

In New Zealand, a snow trip doesn't haven't to compete with any other holidays. In New Zealand, most places are too far away to begin with, so you're mostly doing domestic trips. In the summer that means beaches and epic road trips and water sports. In winter, it means snow trips. However in London, a decision to go to the snow is always competing with something else. Kitesurfing in Egypt. Climbing mountains in Africa. Any one of the million of places I haven't yet been (Athens, Prague, Morocco, Instanbul - I can reel off a million places I want to go but haven't yet been). My love for snowboarding is forever competing with my love of travel.

It was just a small thing to tip the scales to a snowboarding trip, just a small tiny thing: Zee has never been. I've gifted him surfing lessons, and kitesurfing lessons and Dad taught him to waterski off the back of our boat last (NZ) summer. His love of watersports and activeness rivals mine. So, the idea of him not knowing what a joy it was to be riding down a mountain of snow was inconceivable. So we're going.

I gave him the choice for Christmas: I could teach him to ride, or I'd pay for lessons. Up to him. He chose me, we'll see how that goes. It sounds soppy, but I'm really excited to be introducing Zee to proper snow and my love of snowboarding. I've been checking snow reports (the small amount of snow we've had in London has only been good for snow elsewhere... a good 30cm fell at our resort last night!) and yesterday he'd bought himself a snowboarding outfit, which of course he tried on immediately.

It's been two years since I was last went to the snow. I actually can't wait. It's going to be glorious.