Right Now: A Snapshot

Back in London, now feels like such a bizarre time... I'm between contracts at the moment and the extended downtime is both glorious (with afternoon movies and sleeping in) but stifling (no routine, no drive, less social everything). I find myself easily distracted, pottering from one errand to another. I'm working on some design projects... but I'm chipping away at them rather delicately rather than bulldozing through like I would if I was on a job. Pottering... I spend time crocheting a line or two, my progress is slow, I suspect winter will be finished before my new scarf is. I've taken to just standing over heaters, enjoying the warmth. If it's not raining, I might run, but without the limitations of time or a buddy, my runs often become a walk, and then a meander. I almost never run 14k now. 8, maybe. Sometimes 5. My walks make up the shortfall, cold, but lovely. Sometimes I think about little adventures I should take - museum trips, art galleries, market wanderings. I think about the things I could teach myself (the guitar, how to speak French, I could bake something, I could start yoga...) and then I think... perhaps I'll just lay here in the sun a little longer.

Well after the suns gone down and I know Zee is to be home soon, everything is rushed. I'm up and moving and doing all the things. I tidy the house, put away all the dishes and washing and messes and start dinner. A facsimile of productivity.

I'm lining up interviews, and if something comes of it I know I'll shift it up a gear or three back to normal. If not though, thanks to some rather large holiday plans, I may not be working till April. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime though... everything is slow and lethargic.

Hows your January going?