Theatre Shows and Ignorant Attitudes

I'm sitting in Aldwych Theatre on Boxing Day, waiting for the second half to start. Dance 'til Dawn is quite fun, light on plot and has some randomness (applause when the two leads came on? Who don't speak any lines and have danced the same dance at least three times already?) but it's lighthearted with some great (live!) music and few great self-deprecating one liners... Shows like this are fun. I must have seen over a dozen shows this year, the London theatre scene is fantastic at the moment. Helps if your friend is a theatre buff. Christmas Eve I saw Bill Irvings White Christmas, which was also pretty great. 1950s fun, great (live!) music, some fantastic dance (TAP DANCING!) and felt like a wonderful Christmas thing to do.

But despite all the great, do you know what irks? Christmas Eve I facebooked a photo and my excitement about a show and my cousin responded with 'That's GAY!'

I was actually taken aback. Homophobic slurs? About a theatre show with tap dancing? From a guy who makes his life about cars and rugby, should I even be surprised? Ignorant fuck.

It irks that in this day and age people still feel the need to get down on other people. Like seriously dude, I like something you don't like? So what? And aren't homophobic slurs universally accepted as not cool now? As in, don't do it ever?

My thought process has been all over the place with this.

I worry that this terrible small-town attitude is prevalent in New Zealand... And okay, I know that that's a horrible generalisation to make. But when it's being consistently shown by people like my cousin, my family, some of my old friends... I have to wonder.

Am I being arrogant or naive when I wonder if my traveling and living somewhere like London has changed my views and perspectives so drastically, that the attitudes of people back home seem small-minded and petty? Is this what living abroad means now?

Then I feel terrible, because I've taken the behaviour of one uneducated, ignorant fuck and applied it to more people than I should have. My bad. New Zealand can't possibly be completely terrible, can it? I don't know. Even worse is that I'm using facebook as proof of behaviour.

Are people still using 'gay' as an insult where you are? Are people still getting down on others for liking things like theatre where you are?