Zee and I went to Amsterdam, a last minute weekend away because I worried that I hadn't travelled enough this year. Oh you guys, AMSTERDAM! The reason I originally wanted to go was for the coffeehouses and its attitude to marijuana (as cliché as it is, it was on The List) but I had no idea how much amazing history or how very PRETTY Amsterdam is. It's well pretty, and there is so much going on.

Gorgeous little festivals (when we went there was a light sculpture show on the canals, you took a canal boat out to see all of them), walking the canals themselves were amazing, there was The Nine Streets, where three major canals divide the Central Canal district into nine little streets that are big on character. We spent a whole afternoon wandering them, ducking in and out of shops (The Otherist was a great one for random curios).

We also did a bike tour (with Mike's Bike Tours) which, despite the cold December weather was actually pretty amazing. I love bike tours, there's something great about getting an overview and picking up tips for things to visit or places to see. We got a great run down on the history of the place too. I absolutely love how pragmatic the Dutch are.

In short, Amsterdam was great. You always hear its one of the more amazing cities in Europe, and it's true, I think. I'm keen to go back.