A Christmas Party not mine.

Earlier this week we went to Zee's work Christmas Party. It was lovely thing, where we dressed up in finery and went to a trendy place in Shoreditch, where there was free pouring champagne and cocktails and bizarre little snacks (think one chip, one fancy piece of scampi in a well rolled bit of newspaper, very oh la but not enough to stem the champagne flow in any way, shape or form). I've been the last few years, and it's interesting to see the new faces, and remember (quietly) the faces that are now missing. I worked for this company a few years back, and it's a weird twist of fate that Zee is still there, and that each year I'm still going to their Christmas Parties. That people there still know me, and make a point to check in and see how I am.

This year over champagne, ridiculous amounts of champagne I caught up with some of the people I knew. Some of things I heard were high five worthy, some heart breaking with hugs required. I saw politics, and two-faced snobbery. I saw ridiculousness. I saw happiness and some familiar faces that I was very glad to see (particularly the crew I climbed kili with). I felt like I'd been dropped into an ongoing plot and off we went. I made friends with people I didn't know that well, and hung out probably too much around the photobooth.

It was novel, I guess. An event that marks the passing of another year and celebrates the festive season.

How about you guys? Hit up any amazing Christmas parties this year?