A Snapshot of Right Now

Things feel really lonely right now. I'm busy, with events and things I need to do, but I'm a bit disheartened with it all. At work I've been moved from one collaborative team to one that's silo'd. I can go a whole work day without talking to anyone - isn't that weird? It's so weird. I've found solace in running on my lunch breaks. Even though I'm doing it alone, and it's cold, and often wet and I'm probably cutting it fine with how much time I can take, it feels good to run. I'm increasing my distance and getting out there... don't get me wrong, I hate running. The act of running I find really difficult, and while I'm out there on the track I struggle. Each step is a push and I'm constantly negotiating with myself to try and get a walking break. I don't walk though, because I really enjoy the end part. The part where I can tell myself I ran, and that I ran a whopping 9k all the way. That part makes me sing on the inside. So I'm running.

Everything outside of work is insane. My calendar has been booked for weeks in advance, and I'm moving from one event to another, perpetually negotiating public transport to get places. A christmas party here, a birthday here, someones leaving drinks, a show...

I got some crazy news this week. I won't share because I'm still processing, but it's completely stopped me in my tracks. So all of the things, they feel disheartening. I'm holding out for the next week or so to be over, and then we're on Christmas break. I can't wait. It's going to be glorious.

How are all of you right now?