Getting Christmas Started Early

There are some people (Zee included) who feel that Christmas should be restricted to December and any seasonal cheer before the 1st is met with extreme hostility. I'm not one of those people, not even close. I LOVE Christmas. I love decorating the tree, and drinking mulled wine and listening to Christmas carols, and for me, those little cheery traditions typically is my Christmas.

I think I talk about this every year, but my family lives on the other side of the world and I don't get to spend Christmas Day with them. Presents come in a box handed over by a sweaty courier guy who is typically not happy about delivering on Christmas Eve. It's also typically cold out, so the delightfully warm summer Christmas' of my childhood can not be found here. In fact, my Christmas Days over here in England are the opposite of any kind of Christmas I can remember. This year, for example, I'm at an orphans Christmas where a few of us who don't have family to go to will band together and probably eat too much and drink an awful lot of mulled wine while we watch silly Christmas movies. Since I've been in London, Christmas Day is when I get most homesick, and feel the most far away.

So, every year I throw myself into Christmas cheer and eek the most joy I can out of the season before what is typically a day of extreme homesickness. I'm determined that there will be joy, and that I will experience it and that my Christmas will not be limited to a day of sadness.

In the past it's been Duke (my old flatmate) and I who make the annual trip to homebase and buy arm loads of decorations for the tree. We have similar decorating attitudes and I've looked forward to it every year. This year, since I moved out, I introduced Zee to my tree decorating tradition and we put up a tree this past weekend. I won't lie, he very almost ruined it with his grinch-like attitude. It took a moment of explaining before he was onboard, and since then he's been whistling Christmas tunes, haha.

So yes, it's not even December up, and there is a 7ft tree in my lounge that makes me ridiculously happy. The grinches out there can suck it.

In short, yay Christmas!