I'm All Over The Place, so here's a snapshot.

It's been quiet over here lately, I know. It's ironic, because while I'd love this lull to be a true reflection of my life, it's not. My life right now is packed to the brim, full and overflowing with ALL OF THE THINGS! I'm sad that Rarg has taken a backseat at the moment, I have all of these posts in draft states, full up editorial calendars with adventures that I've taken... like I moved in with Zee, did I tell you? No? I guess it won't hurt to say that we actually moved in together back in JUNE, and it's now November? Mm. I did mean to get all caught up on posts (I managed to get a post out about moving, backdated till October...), but life has literally picked me up and thrown all the things at me. There are a million things, and catching up on all the things that happened between June and now seems like an impossible task.

So, in the interest of having less pressure on myself and just to go with it, here is where I am at. Posts like this are the only way there's ever going to be any update, so yeah.

Tuesday Labs.

It's a company I started with Bunny. A very very small, boutique digital company that works with start ups to provide digital solutions. That's very market-y (we're still finding our values and mission statements, so I'm constantly up to my eyes in marketing-speak) but really what we do is design and make apps. Pretty apps, with lovely user experiences. We've had a handful of clients so far, and we've made a few prototypes and a lovely app or two. I'm learning a ridiculous amount about what goes on with a business. Proposals, and agreements and statements of work and organising processes and check points and where the value is...

Being a small business owner is HARD WORK, you guys! Speaking of apps...


There is a blog post coming at some point about this, but long story short, Bunny and I built an app for ourselves before we started with anyone else. It's called Markt, and it's about discovering markets (farmers markets, street food markets, art, antiques, crafts markets....) in London. The app part went well, and has been well received.

You know what hasn't been so easy? The marketing of the app. We've slowed down due to client work, and also it's clearly the wrong season to be promoting it (oh hey 4:30pm sunsets and the dead cold of winter). We'll get to it.

If you're interested you can check it out at marktapp.co.uk. If you're inclined to, I'd really appreciate it if you were to share it, too. Spreading the word, and all that.

Self Portraits/Outfit Posts/Pictures of MY FACE

I'm also trying to be intentional with taking some down time. Like I said in a past post, I joined this flickr group for photos. This months one is perspective and IT'S SO HARD. I've been trying my hand at self portraits... which by the way, is SO HARD. How do you people who do outfit posts always look so comfortable and normal? I get why everyone always looks down now, because where else are you meant to look? Making eye contact with the camera is awkwaaard. Problem is now I have a kajillion photos of me looking at my boots, or wistfully out into the distance. No similing, serious face. Cause staring off bridges is serious business. It's weird, but I'm trying. Also, plastering photos of my face so you all remember what I look like (that and I'm obviously a bit narcissistic).

So yes, that's where I am. It's been a hard few months and now we're diving into winter, I'm struggling to fit it all in, there's pressure to organise all the things. Where am I spending Christmas (probably with Duke, my old flatmate) and New Years (snowboarding? Ireland?) and when am I going to get Christmas Decorations and a tree to start traditions with Zee? And I'm working on a client app all this month to get out before Christmas in 3 weeks (WHAT?!) and just... oh. All of the things. Stressed. Stressssed. I'm stressed.

You can see why Rarg is quiet. I like the idea that some facet of my life is calm and serene. Quiet. Peaceful. I guess that's my blog.

How have you guys been?