Music good for chilling the fuck out

I feel like I've just had this massive brainwave! Because I've agreed to so many projects I feel like every time I sit down to do stuff I'm about to run a full court press on my to-do list. THINGS! I WILL DO ALL OF YOU! Seriously. I'm stressed and I haven't even started any work yet.

That's not the brainwave. It's that I've discovered that Spotify has radios.

I listen to music while I work, and while I run and when I'm walking anywhere. It's become such a habit now that I can't work if I don't have *something* playing in the background. I typically use Spotify, and for the last forever have been creating monthly playlists of tunes. I'm sure this is a thing everyone does, really. We're all so very 21st century, as Frank would say.

Okay, that Spotify has radio/playlists are not really the brainwave I had either. Except that they've totally surfaced new music that I'd never ever listen to. Like classical music. Whhhaaaat. I've never listened to classical ever, except that Spotify has these playlists designed to calm you down, help you relax and chill the fuck out.

I listened to Bach this morning, and for the first time in ages felt cool as a cucumber when approaching my to do list. There's a whole playlist called 'Classical Essentials' that has some fairly epic and lovely symphonies.

Here is my brainwave: urgent, fast pumping music that I like to dance around my living room to, or set my pace as I'm walking through London streets is not helpful when I'm working. And turns out, stress levels is something I can totally control with some perspective and calming tunes.

Mind blown with some basic common sense.

So, me and Yo-You Ma with our dude Bach are getting to be quite tight. I never would have thought it, but it's such a nice way to get in the 'I'm working now' zone.

What do you guys listen to while you're working?