Flickr Photo Challenge - October

My camera sits on the ledge between the kitchen and the dining room so I can grab it easily. Buuutttt I almost never pick it up. Sad face. I rarely make time for shooting for the sake of shooting, it's always to capture a moment or for a blog post... never just because. Never just for the joy of it. A friend of mine set up a Flickr group for a monthly challenge and I joined. I'm keen for anything that encourages me to pick it up and shoot. Makes me think about composition and settings and things like that. It's been tricky so far, I have to remember that I've committed to this months challenge and make myself get out there and take shots. Octobers theme was architecture. Here's the shot I put up.

Good old Waterloo Clock.

I took a million more, though. Here are some of the others I considered...

I realised that I almost always take landscape shots, because I like the way it looks if I blog the images. That's a bit stupid, really. I tried to make myself take portrait shots, but turns out I picked a landscape one anyway. Ah well.

Do any of you have the same problem I do with regularly picking up your camera?