Jamie's Dinner Without a Reason

Every month, the remnants of the Kiwi Cross Crew (and friends!) get together for a catch up dinner. Now that we're all spread across London and not as tightly linked by that flat up in Kings Cross, it's a great way to keep in regular contact. I won't lie, it's one of the nights I look forward to most each month.

Well, earlier in the year we hit up one of Jamie Oliver's Recipease locations and made our *own* dinner. It was pretty fun, actually. There was a few bottles of wine and we had a chef talk us through each step of making different kinds of filled pasta. Woah buddy, I've never made pasta from scratch and I was surprised how easy it was. (Disclaimer: I say that, but I had all the ingredients pre-measured out for me, and all the equipment, and a chef telling me exactly what to do, step by step).

Add a bunch of my favourite people, and it was a *fantastic* evening out.