Kew Gardens

Back when it was still warm enough to walk around London with bare arms, Liz and Rob came down and we all went out to Kew Gardens.

Woah. Buddy.

Kew Gardens is MASSIVE. It's a mix of all sorts, seriously. Rose gardens here, amazing grasses there, a tree top canopy walk and some massively large, ridiculously sized glass green houses. I'm not even kidding, these things were enormous.

So here's a tip - those green houses close an hour before the park closes... for us that was as early as 4:30pm, and dun duun. We didn't make it into a single one. I'm pretty sure the highlights are in the glasshouses... We did manage to peer into some of them. One is getting restored, and a smaller one had little bonsai trees in it. I didn't know this, but bonsai trees are actually normal sized tree's that haven't had the opportunity to grow very big. They're purposely stunted by having a limited amount of space to grow in. Isn't that amazing?

Despite not going into the greenhouses, it was amazing to visit. There's a horticulture school out that way, and walking through the student gardens was pretty amazing. You could tell all the plants had been manipulated in some way, especially in the fruit gardens. Every plant was placed and pruned in a particular way to have the fruit grow in an orderly way. It really was magnificent, not like any fruit garden I'd ever seen before.

If you're looking for something to do, Kew Gardens is definitely worth a visit. It's spensive (£15 a pop) but if you're aware of that and make the most of your visit it's a good day out.