A New Flat BBQ - Knowing When To Apologise

That flat I just moved into is an apartment near the river, which is AWESOME. I can *see* the Thames from my bedroom window. Woah buddy. It's pretty nice. In saying that, I do live in an apartment block, one that's filled with about 30 other apartments.

So, when G and Bunny stayed after to help me unpack (read: set up the TV, the surround sound and the playstation so they could play guitar hero) it was all fun and games. We had ciders and the boys bought me a BBQ as a flat warning gift. It was red! And shiny! And charcoal based. We had a chicken marinated and all ready to go, it was awesome! It's still summer, it's still warm, we're right by the river, yuusss. BBQ - let's light it up!

It wasn't until much later, not till after we lit the BBQ that we found out that BBQ's on the balcony (or at all, really) aren't allowed in the building block I'm in. The reason for that is because of the way building is shaped all the smoke goes up off my balcony and into other flats. Uh oh. It wasn't until someone came down and knocked on my door to tell me that their apartment was all smoked out did I find out - I was horrified. Unfortunately there wasn't much we could do, the charcoal was already lit and really the only solution was to let it die down. So that's what we did.

Turns out that smoke? Smoke is not a great way to introduce yourself to the neighbours.

But today? Today I'm writing 30+ handwritten notes to put into the letterboxes of all my neighbours. I've since learnt that when you make a mistake, the single most important thing to do is acknowledge that you made a mistake. I made a mistake, it was a bad, I'm sorry and it won't happen again. I don't know my neighbours yet, or what the deal is. A note in a letterbox is the easiest way to apologise.

If the letterbox flaps were big enough for candy I'd be attaching my sorry letter to a whole bunch of 'I'm sorry' drops but alas, that's not happening.

I'm hoping that with my note, my neighbours won't hate me, and we won't be *that* flat, the one with the too late partying, the one smoking out all the apartments with delicious BBQ smells, the one whose really rubbish at guitar hero.

We'll see. It's only day two.