Passing Notes in Economics

When I was in high school, a friend and I used to write handwritten notes back and forth in Economics. Random little things of no consequences. It's funny to look back and remember how simple things were then... to having small little things feel so important because we didn't have any of the responsibilities or ambition we do now. How confirming it was to be able to pass notes back and forth with a friend. Often we were mocking each other, or our friends, or the boy bands we liked. We were trying out our thoughts and ideas on each other It was all very easy and uncomplicated (and also a bit funny. Also a bit sexist, apparently).

That was more than twenty years ago. It seems insane that MULTIPLE decades have passed since then. We don't talk as much now... we live on opposite sides of the world in very different time zones living very different (but both very brilliant) lifestyles. She messaged me the other day, asking about an interview I'd had, and I wanted to know about how her baby was doing. It descended into back and forth messages banter that, just for a moment, felt like we were passing notes in economics again.

It was brilliant to be transported like that. I'm beginning to realise how friendships that are decades old move and grow with you. That we've all become so grown up and yet still, our friendships feel as easy and as simple as they always have. It's become very clear that the cliche that we're taught at a very young age has a lot more depth than the hallmark card we heard it from.