Home again, Home again, Jigetty Jig

So, even after that last 'I miss London' post, I wonder if it was just the grass is greener. By far the worst part about the trip was the coming home part. I'm sleep deprived, exhausted by the flight (we missed out first flight. And boo Virgin - you're a horrible airline, the flight we did get on was horrific. I actually had to yell and make a scene to get them to honour the ticket). I'm exhausted by the mission back from Heathrow (thanks to the hour long taxi drive in a Mercedes, which was nice, driven by a crazy, not watching where he was going Turkish guy who regaled us with superstitious stories about the Freemasons controlling the world...) and then, oh the washing. The bubble had popped. I'm back in London, with an epic case of jetlag (oh hai 5am...), no job, in Zee's too small place and about three weeks worth of washing. It's gross, and there's a mountain of it.

I am glad that there is no more traveling to do, and no more flights or transfers or negotiating an unfamiliar public transport infrastructure. I'm apprehensive about all of the social invitations that came barreling down to my phone the minute it was clear I was back in London (seriously you guys, I probably shouldn't have facebook checked-in at Heathrow). I feel like I've just walked back in to my life. Sorry friends, but I want to hang out in bed and not move for a bit.

Another weird thing about social networks is that I haven't hung out with anyone yet, but I know they've already seen all the instagram photos. We'd both documented the trip so well, that there's actually nothing new to tell. Everyone has already seen it. I was skyping a friend and it was a bit of a bummer realising that all my stories, actually, had already been told by us when we were back there. Oh, you already knew that I saw the cherry blossoms and swum with elephants and visited hot water beach? Oh, okay then. No need to repeat any of my stories then.

The excitement and anticipation I felt when leaving seems so far away. Now? I feel like there's a whole lot of life that needs organising and sorting out. I should probably find a job. Do some washing.


Instead I'm in bed reading blogs. I might deal with life tomorrow.