Giant Ferris Wheels are the best.

Zee has a thing for cars, so we went out do Odiba (which is this amazing, super large and completely artificial island) so he could look at some. In Palette Town, Toyota have this showroom called 'Mega Web' which is definitely mega. It was basically two warehouses worth of mega and there were many cars. For a while I entertained myself by getting in and out of all the cars. They had a million different models all lined up, a bit like a car show room, except that there was no sales person hovering around you to make sure you didn't scratch the leather. However my interest in all the car-related things waned pretty quickly so I left Zee to it and did some wandering. And woah buddy! I found a massive Ferris Wheel. Apparently when it was built it was the biggest one (believable, because it's huge), but it was overtaken by the London Eye when that was built three years later. Side note: the game of biggest ferris wheel is a brutal one, because now this one here in Tokyo ranks only #12.

Still, isn't it glorious? I spent a good long while taking photos.

Much more interesting than cars, anyway :)