Robot Restaurant: The Crazy of Tokyo

I don't even know where to start. You know all those rumours you hear about Japan? With the crazy electronic night life and the need to push everything to the extreme, as if to counter-act the very polite social structure they have... Robot Restaurant is all of this. It blew my mind. Imagine scantily clad dancing girls, an extreme, in your face lighting show, kind of garish over the top decor where everything is shiny and robots. Lots and lots of robots. Big transformer type robots that box. With dinner.

Some of it was awkward: imagine a 10 foot barbie doll in a bikini, with robot legs, that carries around two japanese girls in bikinis... as they wave? Some of it was amazing (the drums! The drums the drums the drums. The drums were amazing). Some of it was downright bizarre (flute, sad love ballads and electric guitars? Dressed in glittery studded corsets? As you're moved around on a remote control float?) and some of it was over the top: very oh my daaaaaaays. I can't even explain, so video and pictures...

First point though - these pictures are not amazing. It's in a dark basement with an insane laser light show and smoke and lots of movement. I think I'm probably quite glad it wasn't open and well lit. I think a lot of the overtop-ness came from that it was a room that was barely five metres across and everything was right in front of you, almost within touching distance.

Robot Restaurant... it's one of those things that everyone does, it's near the top of Trip Advisors things to see, and at least three people told me I should go before I even got to Japan.

Should you go?

It's a weird spectacle. Expensive, and I actually wouldn't be able to tell you where else you could experience something like this. So, if weird spectacles are your thing, then yes. Yes you should go.

The breakdown - You need to book at least a few days in advance, and you can do so by calling. Their number is on their really horrible in your face website. Also, it's expensive, about 6000 Yen per person (around £35). Don't get dinner, because you'll be hungry (they're small sushi/bento boxes, eat elsewhere). Do bring cash, because there is a cash beer bar, and you'll want a drink. Be way early. You need to be there half an hour before, but I'd be there even more than that. They're pretty brutal about being late, and also we got lost trying to find the place.