Cherry Blossoms : The opposite of Shibuya Crossing

After the madness that was Shibuya Crossing (seriously! All of those people!) I was feeling the need to stretch out away from the insane crowds. We went and visited another hanami, which as I understand it basically means garden. (I just looked it up, it means 'flowing viewing' so yes to a garden?). This time we went to Shinjuku Gyoen, which has some lovely walks and a lot of open space. Similar to London, it appears that when the weather is good people flock to the parks. It was very well behaved though, with young families about and people painting gorgeous watercolours of the blossoms. It's not like Hamstead Heath on blue bird day, with girls in bikinis and belligerent boys drinking cider. It was calm, and peaceful and LOVELY.

Because we'd already hit up Ueno park I didn't take as many photos of the blossoms this time around. I spent some time just sitting, with Zee. Enjoying the park, and the peace and the complete lack of crowds. The blossoms were quite delicate and it was charming to watch the wind blow them off and float them away. It felt like something out of a Miyazaki animation.

It was good to take a break I think. Sometimes with travelling I find there's pressure to do all the things, and pack it all in. I'm glad we took a moment just to chill.