Shibuya Crossing is ridiculous

In 2004 I went and stood in Times Square. It was big and there was lots of people rushing by and I mostly recognised it from the many movies it's featured in. In 2011 I moved to London and visited Piccadilly Circus. Since then I've wandered through a million times, side stepping the tourists and moving through the crowd to wherever it is I need to be. In fact, I think on our very first date I agreed to meet Zee out on the Picadilly Circus fountain. I'm out that way easily once a week these days. Piccadilly Circus has had it's own share of movie shots too. Pretty sure Liz and I checked out a Harry Potter film location down that way. But neither Times Square nor Piccadilly have anything on the Shibuya Crossing. It was INSANE.

The sheer number of people was ridiculous. We were there mid afternoon (when most people should have been working) and the press was unbelievable. There is no way that all these people could be tourists, the ones that were (like us) were obvious, because we all had our mouths open and cameras in our hands. I couldn't believe it. Between each crossing there would be a slightest little lull and then the crowds built up again and again and again. So. Many. People.


Apparently Shibuya Crossing has it's own movie references (am I the only one who hasn't seen Lost in Translation?) but it's reputation pales in comparison to standing there, amongst the crowd as they wash by you.

Have any of you experienced over the top crowds like this before?