Japan - Tsukiji Market + Ueno Park + DiverCity

Today was a pack-as-much-as-you-can-in kind of day. Seriously. We had a vague list of things we wanted to do this week, mostly taken from Trip Advisors Top 10 and recommendations from friends who had visited before us. We didn't expect to do so much, but after lots of just hanging out in Thailand it was great to be active and moving again.

Tsukiji Fish Market

It's a big draw, apparently. It's biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. I'm sure it's wonderful, but we didn't get to see it. We saw a super lovely little fish market NEXT to it (the outer market, I think it's called), cause it turns out that you have to be up at 6am to see the fish market proper.

That's not to say that it was all wonderful sushi and tuna or anything (though the tuna was AMAZING). I was fighting with Zee over I can't even remember what. I suspect it's just because there is no space - we were cooped up in that horrible tiny, minuscule little room. In a room like that everyone is reduced to the worst versions of themselves. I do remember that I refused to follow him around the fish market and just went wherever I wanted to go (which was a bit rubbish really, because mostly it was just alleys and alleys of fish. Fish and knives).

Problem is that I haven't got any sense of direction and had no idea where we were, or how to get anyway so ended up having to follow Zee anyway. Ahhhh, fail.

Ueno Park

By the time we got over to the park to see the Cherry Blossoms we had it all out. Deep and meaningfuls by the river where the ferry came in. I remember it being actually quite a lovely day. It was cold! There was no humidity! Cool enough for a cardi. I hadn't worn sleeves since I left England. And you guys? Ueno Park is AMAZING! The cherry blossoms were pretty phenomenal. I took a stupid amount of photos, I couldn't believe how beautiful everything was. It was a massive park with lots of little manicured ponds, lovely walks and traditional little tea houses everywhere. Love!

I took a stupid number of photos too. This is a much, much reduced set.

Diver City

We even adventured out to this ridiculous mall that this massive Gundam robot outside (Gundam, as far as I can tell are part of some kind of space opera anime show with robots. They sell a whole bunch of Gundam stuff that was basically everywhere). Inside was more fun. I bought a stupid amount of things (teal high tops ftw!), we ate at another sushi place that had a mini bullet train AND a carousel to deliver food.

We also discovered a super fun arcade on the top floor, and spent an inordinate amount of time trying out all the games. Zee was horrified that I beat him at Mario Cart (twice. I beat him twice. Zee is well competitive and is all about cars/driving/rally races so I did feel a tinsy bit smug about it).

We also discovered this great drum game (super satisfying) and this ridiculously engaging/addictive Mario game... that was all about putting more coins through in the hope that more coins come out. Most addictive game ever. We spent a lot of time money here (good thing the exchange rates are so lenient!

Game arcades? Good job Japan. This is much more like what I thought things would be like.