Japan - Woah buddy, we're in Tokyo.

Tuesday (Nihombashi) - Arrival. After the chaos of Bangkok, arriving in Tokyo seemed calm, almost soothing. The airport was airy, lots of natural light and calm background music. The train smooth and swift, and Tokyo Central? Organised and calm with its blue skies and tall sky scrapers. The air! There is something to be said about a city that isn't drenched in soup like humidity. It's like stepping out of the rain. So far Tokyo is infinitely easier to navigate than Bangkok. What a great city!

Tuesday (Nihombashi) - Post Dinner.

I'm really really beginning to regret tacking on Japan to an already overloaded trip. I was unprepared for the culture shock of Tokyo and the dinky-ness of it all. The room is minuscule. Almost no one speaks English (unlike in Bangkok where every second person does). I'm exhausted, already enquired about a refund on a tiny tiny room, but back pedalled because literally there's no where to stay apart from the Sheraton (who wants 100s of £s a night).

The lobby smells of smoke, and I realised it's because you can still smoke inside in Japan. That's a thing still. We hit up a sushi place which dun dun, smokers smoked at. Still, the sushi was amazing. The knowing what the deal is much less so. Turns out English isn't as widely spoken in Tokyo as it was in Bangkok, and we spent ages matching the text under the pictures to the little order menu card. I still wasn't 100% what we'd ordered until food arrived (and even then I wasn't always exactly sure what it was). Sigh.

Ahhh. Overwhelmed and exhausted. Being this clueless is such a mind fuck. I knew that Japan has it's own culture, but this polite stand-offishness is really difficult. I miss Thailand and it's overwhelming chaos and friendliness.