Thailand - Hong Island

After a week of luxury lazing (mostly lying between the beach and the pool while people bought me margaritas), we'd spent a lot of time watching the little long boats appear and disappear on the tides. Turns out that you can hire them for day trips! As we'd picked Krabi instead of an island to spend our down week, I was delighted that we'd still be able to go adventure out to one. Book, the amazing pool guy at the resort organised a (private) trip for us. The next morning 'Mr E' would be waiting for us at the resort steps and we could go out to Hong Island after breakfast. So we did, and a fairly comfortable 45 minute boat ride later, we were at Hong Island.

It was unbelievable. We got there early, before the hordes of people descended. It was warm (too long in it and you'd burn warm) but the sky was blue, the sand white and oh, the colour of that water!! Loved it.

We spent the morning wandering about the island for a bit (there's a 'nature trail' which does a small loop), lying about in the sun reading books and hanging out in the water, watching the fish swim about.

Zee even found some 'treasure' while he was out snorkelling. However, because it had been in the water so long, it had coral growing through the spokes. I made him put it back. Coral is so fragile and takes so long to grow (something ridiculous like 2mm a year) and I know that many of the reefs world over are being damaged, so to take live coral from the water for a trinket seemed woefully wrong.

It was a pretty interesting island, actually. Zee went exploring for a bit, and managed to climb up to one of the higher points. There was a tsunami in the area in 2004, which explains why there are so many boat skeletons well above the shore line. Afterwards I read some of the accounts of the tsunami - they're pretty horrific and heartbreaking. It's insane to think how much devastation and life was lost in such a pretty pretty place.

Once we'd had enough of the beach, we wandered back to our boat and Mr E (who had been waiting patiently for us - what an amazing guy!) and he took us around the back of the island to the lagoon. I don't have a shot of the whole thing, mostly because it was full of tourists like us. However, not everyone was on a shallow little long boat, and honestly, it felt less pristine and more ... tourist trap.

Still, the colour of the water was phenomenal, and there were some really interesting rock formations around the side.

It was an amazing day trip out. Loved it!

The breakdown - this was organised the day before we went, through Book's contacts (so not the resort and not a tour. The tours were already well booked up at this point). Mr E picked us up, dropped us off, provided snorkelling gear, water and bananas (so tasty!) and I think there was the option to go fishing if we wanted to (we didn't). All up it cost us 2000 Baht, which is something like £35. We gave Mr E another 500 Baht tip, on top, because he was awesome.