Thailand - Nakamanda

After the fully packed visit that was New Zealand and several days worth of touristing it up in Bangkok we decided that a week's downtime somewhere would be on the cards. I was so so so ready to lie down and do nothing. Isn't that what holidays are meant to be about? Rest and Relaxation? Our trip so far has been not that. We visited Krabi, a short flight south from Bangkok and visited Nakamanda, a boutique little hotel. Oh you guys - it was decadent. The rooms were lush (massively huge bed which apparently I domindated, amazingly big bath that had flower petals in it when we arrived), the food amazing, the view phenomenal.

Every morning we walked down to breakfast, and then literally spent the rest of the day hanging out on the sun loungers in front of the resort. For hours, I mean. Many many hours of lying very very still. Chilled out, as Zee would say. We ordered frozen margaritas in fours, I read a stupid number of books and did crossword puzzles, we took naps. We got to be so good at doing just this day after day that Book, the pool guy would save us our preferred sun lounges. He was amazing.

When it got too hot we swam in the pool behind us, or if the tide was in, at the little beach in front. We borrowed snorkelling gear and snorkelled around the little island opposite.

At low tide a sand bank appeared between the resort and the island. Sadly it was often covered in rubbish - a few times I went out and picked up whatever as I walked by. On one of the later nights I asked for a big black rubbish bag and went out with the express purpose of picking up rubbish. I more than filled the bag. That was possibly the only downside. There is a culture of littering, especially off the boats. It's a bit heartbreaking. Still, it was a gorgeous place. The best bit about low tide was the crabs! The little itty bitty crabs came out in full force, and would scuttle out of the way underneath your feet as your walked.

We kayaked too. Paddling out into the ocean with kayaks borrowed from the resort, so we could swim away from . A few times we got thai massages - which were cheap but, woah buddy. Pretty intense. One time we even had thai massages on the beach, which felt pretty decadent. If you're not used to them though, thai massages can be pretty brutal.

We took a lot of selfies, too.

In the evenings we'd dress for dinner and head out of the resort to one of the many little restaurants just outside the resort. It was pretty lovely. One of the highlights was as we'd go out for dinner, there were tiny ponds with lily pads. If we timed it right you could see the little frogs out and about. There was also the time we were lounging and we saw a little dragon hanging out not a metre away! Loved it.

As always, such simple and happy times rarely make for good reading. It was phenomenal though. We drank lots of lovely drinks. We ate lovely food. We did a lot of wonderful nothing.

I'm learning that every trip needs downtime, and this week was very much welcome.