New Zealand - Fishing

Fishing, with a rod in a little boat out in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf is something I've been doing with Dad since I was a child. I've caught hundreds of fish in my lifetime, and delighted in eating the fresh goodness of the days catch (no, seriously, DELIGHTED!). For me, the eating part of fishing is by far the best bit. Well, turns out that Zee has never once caught a fish. Ever.

It was a bit mind boggling, so even though the tides were badly timed Dad and I took Zee out for a days fishing. It was GLORIOUS! The skies were blue, the water flat. There's something really amazing about being out on the boat. The silence, the gentle rocking. Hanging out in a small space with people you don't mind hanging out with.

Besides the snappers and whatnot, I managed to catch two baby sharks (which Dad dehooked and threw back). Zee caught a handful of baby snapper and a decent sized Kahawai and Dad? Dad managed to catch himself (which was a bit awkward, and required a three man operation to get the hook out of his finger without pulling the barb through the flesh). It's quite relaxing being on the boat, out on on the open water. Everything is still and quiet.

We didn't catch a haul like I remembered as a child (snapper too big to fit in the bin, so their tails would hold up the lid), but we did okay. We caught enough for dinner, and that's enough really. I suspect that thanks to commercial traders trawling all the fish out of the ocean, the snapper schools probably aren't as big as they were 20 years ago.

Because we'd caught enough for dinner (that and the fish were just eating our bait) we called it a day, and stopped off the back of Waiheke and taught Zee how to waterski. Because that was something else he'd never done.

It was amusing watching him fall rather spectacularly, and when he did get up? I cheered - glad he'd managed it, glad he'd stuck through and glad that we spent that day out on the water together with Dad.

This was one of those days I want to remember. The sun, and salt and all the happy.

Taking the boat for a swim.

That view!

The first little guy I caught. I kissed him before I let him go.

I love this shot of Dad teaching Zee. Dad taught me how to waterski just like this when I was about 12. And he taught Sibling and a whole bunch of our family friends. Love it.

The boat.