New Zealand - Surfing Lessons, BBQs + Puppy Cuddles

New Zealand is great for surfing. We've got some phenomenal surf beaches, and they are almost always within driving distance. In Auckland we've got Piha. It's a good beach for surfing, because of a perfectly placed sandbar and a headland that allows the waves to curve around uniformly. It's the site of both national and international surf competitions. Knowing that Zee was keen, I got us both surfing lessons out that way. We got up stupid early (before the sun was even up!) and were met by Brett from New Zealand Surf Tours in town, and driven out to Piha. He was a great guy, Maori and very surfer-esque. Easy going, very relaxed and living the surfer life. He was an awesome instructor.

In the morning we got all wetsuited up and did some boogie boarding. Oh man, I haven't boogie-boarded in ages and I'd forgotten how much fun it was! I know I was meant to be concentrating on where my hands were and where my body was in relation to the board, but mostly I was happy just catching a wave. There is something truly glorious about catching a wave, having it carry you along. I was gleeful.

I was much less gleeful about the next bit. I know that since we'd been kitesurfing I'd ruined my back a bit. Have you ever done a burpee before? It's where from standing position, you touch the ground, kick your legs out so your planking (as if you're doing a push up) and then you jump your feet between your hands and jump upright. Brett had us do burpees, because once your on the board that's the closest technique for standing up.

Well... my back wasn't having any of it. Trying to do burpies on the beach ruined me, there was no way I was going to be able to do it in the water. So, after lunch, I graciously conceded and the lesson became a private lesson for Zee. And oh man, did he love it. I think he was always meant to surf. He took to it like a fish to water, and was standing up pretty quickly, riding along the surf.

It was a pretty phenomenal day. Zee went back the next day without me, and apparently it was even better. I spent the day hanging out with Dad and Quinn. Oh man, best day ever. Taking time out to spend a day chilling with your dog really is one of the most relaxing ways to spend a day. Loved it. Don't hate me for all the puppy pictures. Adore.

I love New zealand in the summer. When Zee had returned he was shattered and ended up napping the garden. It was kind of adorable. Dad graciously put on another one of his epic BBQ's for us and oh, it was a feast!

This in part is why I love New Zealand so much. The beaches are glorious, the seafood + BBQs phenomenal. The strangers are nice and its easy to find new things to love. Not to mention all the family, just hanging out moments. I soaked them in. I'll miss this when I'm not here.