New Zealand - Auckland

After our big roadtrip, we took a bit of a down day in Auckland once we were back. Zee and I hustled down to the Tyler St Garage and met two old friends for lunch, The Second Quarter (who I've known forever) and Em, who I've known even longer (true story - Em + I both got our belly buttons pierced to celebrate our last year of school... mines still pierced!)

Anyway, we met at Tyler St garage, which was lovely spot overlooking the harbour. There were many cocktails because I wasn't working and it was lovely. The conversation was... novel enough. It felt like bragging a bit, and a bit off kilter, but fine all the same (for those in the know, I couldn't help but think of that awkward, horrible night in Parnell that time. Awkward!). Lunch was lovely, though! There are loads of new places popping up in Auckland. It'll never feel like London, but it was nice to see that Auckland could compete on the lovely, fun places to eat stage.

Afterwards, Zee and I shopped along the high street, and visited the Sky Tower. The views! The views slayed me.

We were slated to meet my gorgeous friend Heidi for drinks + dinner, so we did. Heidi and I were friends from London, and oh god, I missed her. Heidi is glorious, and catching up with her was as if no time at all had past. Loved it. In true Heidi style we had some lovely wine, and then moved to Orleans where we had more wine and dinner and just all round a great time. She got me a cork for my collection, signed by the amazing blues singer that was on that night. Turns out Sibling was there too with her friends so we all joined and had a great party. To add to the fun time awkward remembering, turns out Heidi and Jimmy are together now, so down he came too. Good thing there was an awful lot of wine.

Still, it was great night. I was worried that after London, Auckland would seem dull. Small and low with not so much going on. Turns out that if you know the right people, you can make your own party.