New Zealand - Hot Water Beach

After Rotorua, we drove up to the Coromandel to spend some time with my Mum + her partner, and Sibling too. Our first day trip out we visited Hot Water Beach, which was a phenomenon I'd been telling Zee about right after I booked our flights. Have you heard of it? It's aptly named. Around low tide you can wander out to the rocks where under the sand hot water (really hot water, 64°C hot) filters up through the sand. You dig a hole with your feet to reach the sand, and cold water from surf comes along and mellows everything out so you don't burn yourself. It's ridiculously fun (more fun than the photos make out, anyway).

It was a bit cool the day we went, and the surf was hella cold so the hot water was appreciated. It was a nice day up there, reading in the sun, eating all the bakery goodness, chilling out with Quinn (random memory - there was an obnoxious teen that squealed and descended on Quinn as we were walking down the beach, I asked her not to touch him just before she reached him and her reaction was as if I'd slapped her. Uhm, please don't assume that just because my dog is ridiculously small and adorable that you have the right to touch him).

It was a weird day, actually. It was a pretty new group dynamic, and not an easy, relaxed one (so odd, considering the location). It was one of those times that really highlighted how three years away can really change relationships and expectations, and I spent most of the day driving and thus removed from the conversation, or hiding in a book. Maturity, my name is not it.

Still, there were shining moments of awesome. Figuring out panoramic shots with Sibling and my Mum. Delighting at finally being at a PROPER beach. A lovely spot, Hot Water Beach. Loved it.

The beach was mostly empty, but as you came around the rocks...

There are loads of people hanging out in the sand, digging away.

The only reason everyone is digging away is because their feet are blissfully warm.

I think Zee loves being in the water more than anyone else I've met. That surf was freezing (the hot water bubbling up from around the rocks is not even close enough at to heat the surf), and he came out blue and shivery.