New Zealand - Huka Falls

I've been to Huka Falls before (the last time was with Lyth, even). This time it was one of those we're in the neighbourhood, we can't NOT go.

So we went. Huka Falls are a set of falls that helps drain the very big Lake Taupo (the lake we kayaked on). The best bit, the bit we went to goes from something mad like 100 metres across to a small canyon less than 20 metres across. They put a bridge over it so you could watch the usually placid river turn into an insane torrent of water - seriously, something like 200,000 litres pour through it every SECOND. And then it drops across a small cliff to continue on it's merry, placid way.

It's a bit of a tourist attraction, being so close to Taupo, but it's free and impressive and sometimes it's nice to not be in the car.

So yes, it's very pretty. It's funny how you can take photos and it's all rainbows and impressive geological structures but you know what I remember about that day? I was grumpy as fuck.

I was angry at Zee. I can't even remember why now, just that I was. I was also a bit over being in company 24/7 and every alone moment felt fleeting and not enough. I'm an introvert, and I know that some very alone down time is required for me to feel balanced and I was struggling to find it on this road trip. I was embarrassed too, because I didn't want Lyth to have to deal with my drama with Zee and by mere proximity he had to. Poor Lyth, he was awesome on this trip. I was a bit less than awesome, I think.

I probably should have scheduled a down day at some point, but I didn't. I wanted to make the most of every day I was in New Zealand. I wanted to show Zee how amazing it was, and catch up with Lyth and see my family and reconnect with EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE! Ahhh. I wanted to badly to be home and felt that I had to do all the things while we were there. So we climbed mountains and kayaked and kitesurfed and man, we did all the things. We squeezed it all in.

I wanted home to be awesome, and while it was, I felt like I was running around like a headless chicken, headbutting awesome in the face. Next time, I'd just like to chill out with awesome instead.

Hindsight, aye?