New Zealand - Rotorua Luge

The Luge in Rotorua is a competitive thing. It's a very picturesque, fun, competitive thing. Have you luged before? You sit in a little plastic cart with wheels, with bike like handlebars for steering. You pull the bars back to go, and forward to stop. They have little concrete tracks maybe a metre wide that you go downhill on. You can go slow, if you like. Or, you can visit with two grown men who both like to win and go really really fast. That happened. I'm not an especially good go-cart driver. I like to take my corners slow and safe, enjoy the scenery and take the tiki tour. Zee + Lyth? Speed demons, whooping as they passed each other on the way down. I made friends with the school kids on school camp who had come up to visit. I 'raced' them, and found their speed much more ideal. A tinsy bit less competitive. A bit less intimidating. Also, they take their corners slow and safe too.

It's worth a visit, and definitely a highlight of Rotorua. We were lucky and went on a weekday, and once the school kids had moved on the track was pretty clear and the waiting time was non-existent! Also, THOSE VIEWS you guys!! I'd slow down when an opening came up because it was such so damn pretty.