New Zealand - Kitesurfing at Snells

One of the presents I got Zee for Christmas was Kitesurfing lessons. I loved it when I did it, and selfishly, was delighted that while Zee was in a lesson, I could be in one two. We spent two days up at Snells beach with Blue Adventures. Snells is an incredibly picturesque bay perhaps 90 minutes north of Auckland. It was phenomenal. Blue skies, and lots of sun (more than I remembered - my face and the backs of my hands really weren't happy. I had to adjust my ideas of how much sunscreen I needed to put on). It was great being back in the water - in England I'd kind of forgotten how great the beach was. It felt like we'd just slipped back into kiwi life as I knew it. Bakery pies for lunch, days in the water enjoying the sun. It was literally the best introduction/reminder of what New Zealand is like.

The wind wasn't so great to begin with but was ideal for beginners. By the end of the two days we were both up on the board, kiting along. Loved it! I managed to get sun stroke (boo, not what you want when kitesurfing) towards the end of the last day, but it meant that Zee got an extra few hours on the water.

Orange kite is Zee. Black, red and white is me.

It was a great two days. Loved it.