New Zealand - Chubby Babies are The Best!

While I was away from New Zealand my friend had a baby, a gloriously chubby child who was hot and fussy when I was there. She told me about her birth story and I was sad. I was sad I'd missed it, sad that I wasn't around to be supportive and I was sad that now, I wasn't going to be around to see her gorgeous, gloriously chubby little girl grow bigger. I can see her parents in her, and oh I'm so sad I won't be there to see her become her own person. At the same time, I was surprised how much I missed my friends (both of them, the two I met that afternoon). I've known them for years and I'm terrible at keeping at touch, and I'd forgotten. I'd forgotten how easy it was to be back with them. To talk and gossip and just, pass the time. To be in their company was easy, and delightful. I'd forgotten, and now I miss them.

I'm always grateful for my friendships, and for my nearest and dearest I'm fiercely loyal. But I'd never been more grateful to those two friends, the two ladies that forgave my silence while I'd been away, that graciously and easily welcomed me back for what little time we had.

Love them, love her.