Another Birthday...

Since I've been away, birthdays don't have the same punch. It's just that for me birthdays were always a family thing first, and then the big party after. Hard to have that happen when my family is on the other side of the world. The family portion comes in a box now. But this year? This year I got to celebrate my birthday with my family, IN NEW ZEALAND! Ahh! Excitement! There was a cake (from the City Cake Company, in Mt Eden, cause that's were we get our cakes from) and a feast, A FEAST, with mussel fritters and gloriousness. Frank and Elvis were played and we laughed and oh, it was lovely.

Zee and I were jet lagged, so it was an early night. And even though it was my birthday I gave out gifts I'd bought. They even sang for me.

And then the day after? The day after there was cake for breakfast in the garden. Best birthday ever.