Zee recently had a birthday and to celebrate we went to


. It was hidden, just like an old speakeasy would be, under a little juice bar in Covent Garden. It was incredibly intimate and down some ridiculous steep stairs. It was super small, with low lighting. Frank Sinatra was playing on a gramophone with an iPad stuck out the side. The tables were close together, and there was one bartender - in a bow tie, waistcoat and one of those funny cheese cutter hats.

The concept is simple, you provide the alcohol (we took Rhubarb vodka, and two small bottles, one of London Imperial Gin and the other a 12 Year Malt Whiskey) and the clever tender in his cheese cutter hat makes you a concoction with potions from his trolley. And oh-la, they are delightful. I had something with basil and strawberry to start, the boy a delightful old fashioned. Every drink was tailored to our taste, with gentle questions and much laughter.

By the end of our three hour slot (we got an unnecessary extra hour tacked on) we were well jolly. Almost TOO jolly, if truth be told (especially because they only serve snacks, not food). But oh! It was delightful. To spend a few hours sitting, and talking and sipping wonderful, tasty thing = brilliance. It was an easy way to pass the time.

It was £20 per person for a two hour slot, bookings in advance required. Loved it. Well worth a look in.